VANCOUVER, B.C. – Vaudeville Sound Group, a leading global sound design, production, and post-production group, today announced that it is working with Google to build 3D audio models and creative sound design for the launch of the recently released Immersive Audio Model and Formats (IAMF) specification. The IAMF specification is a royalty-free license, released through the Alliance for Open Media (AOMedia), that will enable developers to create immersive audio applications, content and experiences across a myriad of devices and platforms – from broadcasting to XR.

Vaudeville is the creative launch partner for Google’s IAMF technology demonstrations at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, January 8-12, and will be available to meet during this time. Send a note to [email protected] to set up a meeting with either Mirko Vogel, managing partner and head of immersive design & development, or Dan Jones, CEO, of Vaudeville Sound Group.

Vaudeville is one of the leading designers of immersive audio, having created the first at scale native 3D sound library, for Shutterstock; the first immersive audiobook, for Penguin Random House; the first immersive audio podcasts, and award-winning immersive sound for VR. The company is one of the leading sound designers and creative pioneers for ambisonics, the full-sphere surround sound format.

“The IAMF specification has arrived at the right moment in the immersive audio industry, and we are thrilled to be working with Google and its partners – to deliver the next generation of 3D audio experiences,” said Mirko Vogel, managing partner, and head of immersive design & development, Vaudeville Sound Group. “We have worked with all of the leading immersive audio formats, and see IAMF as the gateway to truly deep, rich and interoperable audio experiences across the widest range of devices – and applications, from streaming and gaming to augmented reality and virtual reality, as well as traditional broadcasting, phones and vehicles. This is the answer to what many engineers and consumers have asked for when they ask ‘What’s Next?’”

IAMF is a codec-agnostic container specification that can carry information for playback time rendering algorithms and audio mixing. The new specification also enables more flexibility in rendering audio to end devices, whether 3.1.2 channel audio combined with stereo audio or third-order ambisonics paired with non-diegetic stereo audio.

“We have seen a strong desire for an open standard like IAMF in the recording industry, and we have an ideal ally in Vaudeville in the development of new workflows for this sector,” said Jani Huoponen, product lead for immersive audio at Google. “Whether mixing for film, game or music, we envision IAMF opening up new ways for sound engineers to create immersive experiences all the way to the end users. Vaudeville will help us realize our goals for this industry.”

Mirko Vogel and Jani Huoponen will appear, along with Sylvana Levy, on the ‘How Immersive Sound Can Deliver Powerful Experiences’ panel at SXSW 2024 in Austin, TX, on Friday, March 15, 2024 from 10:00-11:00 am CT in Salon K of the Hilton Austin Downtown Hotel.



Vaudeville Sound Group is a leading global creative sound design and mixing firm for broadcast, streaming platforms, AR/VR, gaming and events. The company has one of the leading immersive and spatial sound production and development units and has pioneered the development of in-house audio post-production studios, providing full management, supervision, staffing for all types of audio post-production projects. Vaudeville’s award-winning talent works across its studios in the UK, USA, and Canada. The company has won many awards and nominations, including BAFTA, Emmy’s, CASS, LIA, Clio, RTS, British Arrows, Cannes Lions, New York Festival, D&AD, and many others. For more information, visit