Rycote and the University of Southampton unite in honour of John Gozzard’s legacy

November 2023 -Southampton, United Kingdom – Born from humble beginnings in 1862 as the Hartley Institution, the University of Southampton has evolved into a world-renowned research institution. Today, the University is known for its academic excellence, innovative spirit, and particularly, its distinguished research in acoustics. Rycote, the globally recognised brand in audio equipment, is set to partner with the University of Southampton. This partnership is an extension of the vision of the late John Gozzard, the original founder of Rycote, who left a substantial donation in his will to pave the way for opportunities in audio engineering. Rycote, honouring Gozzard’s legacy, aims to foster a diverse community of new talents in sound engineering through this collaborative initiative.

Gozzard, recognising the University’s long standing reputation of excellence in acoustics, aimed to invest in new generations to foster innovation and attract a diverse community of budding audio engineers. His legacy lives on through this collaboration, which has already seen the University renovate its anechoic chamber, providing students with state-of-the-art facilities for their studies and research.

The anechoic chamber is a large room with acoustic wedges on all surfaces (walls, floor and ceiling) to absorb nearly all sound.  This results in an environment that is free from acoustic reflections which, along with the very low background noise level, is a perfect facility for making precise and repeatable acoustic measurements. The facility, used almost daily by students, researchers, and consultancy clients, is a testament to the University’s commitment to providing high-quality, practical resources for its students. The chamber plays a crucial role in various measurements and research, which covers a vast range of applications, from identifying noisy components on trains to measuring the frequency response of loudspeakers and microphones.

The anechoic chamber has seen multiple milestones, from the installation of a wind tunnel rig to the recent 2020 refurbishments, which included new acoustic foam wedges and a new floor system. These updates ensure the facility remains a cutting-edge resource for students and researchers for years to come.

Simon Beesley, Sales & Business Development Director at Rycote, shares his vision for the partnership with the University of Southampton: “Our collaboration with the University of Southampton aims to support students as well as opening the door to new game-changers in the industry. This partnership bridges the gap between academia and our industry, allowing us to see the real-world impact of academic research. Our plans involve offering placements and internships to ISVR students, as well as sponsoring awards, facilities, and equipment. We’re also exploring a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP), where industry partners can sponsor research students on applied research projects. This mutual exchange is designed to foster a symbiotic relationship between the University and the industry. Our goal is to cultivate a new, diversified workforce brimming with the bright, innovative minds of future sound engineers.”

“At the University, we are firm believers in the value of partnerships with industry. Strong links with partners like Rycote improve access to our academic findings, and help our research to be focused and applied to real-world problems. Thanks to the recent renovation of the anechoic chamber, we can confidently continue with a variety of measurements to continue our research, teaching and consultancy in acoustics. There is currently an industry-wide scarcity of fresh talent in engineering, and as such we are investing our efforts in promoting acoustical engineering to young and emerging engineers. This partnership with Rycote symbolises our dedication to nurturing the future of our industry.” – Dr Daniel Lurcock, Principal Consulting Engineer at the University of Southampton.


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