Will highlight in-house process for archive preservation

Vienna, Austria — 2nd May 2023

AV digitizing and archiving specialist NOA GmbH is gearing up to attend CABSAT, May 16–18 (Booth S3-C21at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

Demand for multiple-scale AV archiving projects continues to grow rapidly on a global and regional level and also in the Middle East, institutions are committed to maintaining their archives by digitizing and preserving them for easy future accessibility. The sparked interest in content preservation has convinced many establishments of the necessity to develop long-term digitization strategies to safeguard their audiovisual heritage.

Sharjah Broadcasting Authority, which began its archiving journey in 2017 with NOA’s Archive Asset Management (AAM) system mediARC, has recently renewed a multi-year service and maintenance contract for its two-site installation. In addition to this lighthouse project in the region, NOA was recently involved in delivering a second large archive preservation facility to another United Arab Emirates-based public service broadcaster and media corporation. The project comprises the digitization of the organization’s entire archive with processing at two separate locations including comprehensive carrier logistics and quality controlled migration of audio and video content on 48 parallel channels.

This year, NOA will be represented at CABSAT on stand S3-C21 by Jean-Christophe Kummer, Wigdan Nassr and Manuel Corn, who will be giving live demos on quality-controlled audio and video migration, while highlighting how a cost-conscious, systematic, and industrial approach to digitization can ensure quality and efficiency.

With the goal of meeting regional decision makers and continuing conversations about large projects with existing and potential customers in the region, NOA will showcase the many ways technology can support media companies in the preservation process of audiovisual archives. The company will also illustrate examples of previous and current digitization projects in the region and elsewhere, including that of Sharjah Broadcasting Authority.

Also, during the event, NOA will feature recently updated tools to automate and simplify the process of digitization, storage and retrieval of media content as well as appropriate metadata annotation and management.

“Sustainable long-term preservation of media content is paramount for today’s media houses to ensure the availability of valuable audio and video content now and in the future,” says NOA’s managing partner and CEO, Jean-Christophe Kummer. “Our goal is to assist organizations in this endeavor. We’ve already scheduled several appointments with key companies in the area and will be meeting existing customers interested in expanding their installations. The region’s media industry is evolving and we intend accompany them with the entire process, facilitating their long-term digitization strategies.”

More information about NOA and its products is available at www.noa-archive.com or by phone at +43 1 545 2700.


 About NOA GmbH

NOA delivers scalable, high quality AV digitizing and archiving innovations to make audio and video archives easily available in enterprise storage facilities. Sustainable long-term preservation of media content is guaranteed as NOA’s unique products rely on open archival standards and formats, and continuous checks for transfer integrity to ensure highest possible quality of audio and video content. NOA’s turnkey solutions deliver systems to meet the specific needs of any business.

ingestLINE™, actLINE™, jobDB™, mediARC™ and the entry level Pico systems safeguard future media accessibility and enterprise-wide collaboration. Advanced semantic metadata management ensures NOA’s family of products deliver efficient and reliable identification and retrieval of archival content.

NOA’s intuitive proprietary technologies are currently installed in more than thirty international institutions including Austrian National Broadcaster ORF, Sveriges Radio Förvaltnings (SRF), Yleisradio Finland (YLE), Radiotelevizija Slovenija (RTV), the national sound archives of Switzerland and Mexico, the Vlaamse Radio- en Televisieomroep (VRT) and many more.