Budapest, Hungary, 27 November 2023 – Lightware Visual Engineering, a European manufacturer of audiovisual signal management equipment, proudly announces a strategic move to a new corporate facility – Hungária Office Park (abbr.: HOP) in Budapest, Hungary.


In the HOP, major technology sector corporations such as Siemens, TÜV Rheinland, and TK Elevator have been operating, and Lightware now joins this operational entity.


The history of Lightware began at its former headquarters in 1998, located in downtown Budapest. Over the past 25 years, the company has evolved to become the largest AV manufacturer in Europe.


Due to the persistent growth of the company, Lightware decided to move to a larger office to create more  space and capacity for creativity and handling workload even more effectively.


The handover process of the new 7,000 square metres office building began in September 2023, with the relocation of the manufacturing and the logistics departments.


Lightware used to operate its manufacturing processes across three different floors of the former headquarters. In contrast, it currently stores its products on one floor in an area of 744 square metres. Having everything in one place makes it easier to organise work processes, as areas with different functionalities are no longer located on separate floors due to the favourable new layout.


The new location enables Lightware to place a higher emphasis on environmental protection and corporate environmental awareness and practices. In the rental property, the company focused its attention to the installation and use of energy and water-saving equipment. During the manufacturing process, the selective plastic and paper waste are compacted, saving space during storage, and reducing environmental impact during transportation when returned to the recycling process. Lightware also set up a bicycle parking lot, so its employees can easily access the workplace by bicycle. In the first phase, 40 bicycle storage spaces were built with an additional 120 spaces planned for the future. Last but not least, in 2024 a solar panel system will be installed on the roof of the building.


Loránd Gál, COO of Lightware Visual Engineering, said: “We were looking for a place that offers adequate space for our assembly and manufacturing facilities, supports logistics by making it easy to receive raw materials and manages the delivery of finished products. Additionally, it was crucial to provide a suitable, inspiring environment for our development department, and concurrently, a comfortable, modern, and friendly area for our office employees.”


In the first wave, approximately 100 colleagues working in the supply chain management and logistics areas moved to the new office. The rest are expected to move to  the building in the first quarter of 2025, enabling everyone at Lightware HQ to work together in a modern, comfortable and environment-friendly place that perfectly serves the needs of over 400 staff members.