Evertz (TSE:ET), the global leader in media and entertainment technology solutions, is proud to announce for NAB 2023 the launch of its virtualized Live Production, Media Asset Management (MAM), Automation and Playout solutions on Google Cloud for the media and entertainment industry.

For live production, Evertz is featuring its Emmy® Award-winning DreamCatcher™ suite of production tools. With DreamCatcher, Evertz provides a solution that provides a number of services including ingest, playback, live editing, and slow-motion replay. DreamCatcher enables productions to never miss a moment in any live game or live event. With Google Cloud, Evertz can provide scalable tools to allow production teams from anywhere to create highlight clips, playlists, and replays from multiple angles to enhance the storytelling from the event. DreamCatcher has been designed to scale to any size of production and operators, and has been used for the largest sporting events in the world.

“We are excited to be working with Google Cloud to offer our customers a flexible and scalable solution that allows them to create more content, cost effectively.” said Nima Malekmanesh, Director of Business Development, Live Media Solutions at Evertz. “Customers are starting to rapidly adopt managed cloud services, like Google Cloud, as part of their overall strategy for modernizing their production workflows and migrate to a pure cloud solution or a hybrid that meshes both on-premise equipment and the cloud.”

For media supply chain and channel origination, Evertz’ Mediator-X and OvertureRT-LIVE are available on Google Cloud to provide media companies enterprise-class and cloud-based playout and content management solutions. Mediator-X is an advanced Media Asset Management (MAM) and workflow engine that optimizes the preparation and distribution of both linear and non-linear assets. Mediator-X supports automated and rules-driven workflows for all elements of the media processing chain including: content ingest, quality-control (QC), quality-assurance (QA), archiving, versioning, conformance, transcoding, regionalization and captioning/sub-titling. Mediator-X is designed to deliver advanced media processing functions, complex elastic searches, and analytics by integrating the next generation of database technologies. OvertureRT-LIVE is a highly integrated channel playout solution. With OVRT-LIVE-VM, all elements of a traditional playout and emission chain can be virtualized and deployed both on premise and Google Cloud environments to enable hybrid deployment architectures.

“Media companies are looking for ways to generate more revenues from their content across multiple platforms. As such, our customers are seeking alternative implementation and deployment models for their content,” said Dan Turow, VP of File Based Solutions. “With Mediator-X and OvertureRT Live available on Google Cloud, we can offer a solution that can be quickly deployed to address these new opportunities while reducing their overall infrastructure costs.”

“We are excited to work with Evertz, an industry leader for production and playout markets,” says Kip Schauer, Global Head of Media & Entertainment, Gaming Partnerships at Google Cloud. “With Evertz solutions for virtualized production and playout workflows now available on Google Cloud, customers will be able to create and deliver content to their audiences more effectively and offer the media and entertainment industry innovative and resilient solutions that are enterprise class and accessible from anywhere.”


About Evertz Technologies Ltd.
Evertz Technologies Limited (TSX:ET) designs, manufactures and markets video and audio infrastructure solutions for the television, telecommunications and new-media industries. The Company’s solutions are used by content creators, broadcasters, specialty channels and television service providers to support their increasingly complex multi-channel digital, high & ultra-high definition television (“HDTV” & “UHD”) and next generation high bandwidth low latency IP network environments and by telecommunications and new-media companies. Evertz products allow customers to generate additional revenue while reducing costs through efficient signal routing, distribution, monitoring and management of content, as well as the automation and orchestration of more streamlined and agile workflow processes on-premise and in the “Cloud”. For more information, please visit www.evertz.com