The Portuguese provider unleashed the imagination to create a three-dimensional effect with a composition of cubes and boxes representing the “box outside the box” event concept

Lisbon, June 12, 2023. –EUROPALCO, the largest provider of solutions for events and shows in Southern Europe, gave life to the meeting “Caixa Fora da Caixa” for the Portuguese public bank, Caixa Geral de Depósitos (CGD).

The 7th “Caixa Fora da Caixa” internal meeting took place at the Altice Arena in Lisbon and gathered 4,000 Caixa employees under the motto “Together we can go further”. The annual event highlights the remarkable results achieved in 2022 and the challenges ahead for 2023.

The agency Prestigio for Brands relied on Europalco to deliver an exceptional event for CGD. The Lisbon-based supplier provided the stage, furniture, sound, lighting, video, and rig, also a 40-people team that worked for two weeks and one day in-situ to prepare the event.


To project the brand, Caixa, and the meeting’s concept, “Caixa Fora da Caixa” (Box Outside the Box), the project department worked on a theme of boxes that synchronised with the nine moving screen parts forming a 40×10 metre wall. Different elements of the same box worked separately but created a unique and cohesive piece.

The scenography lived mainly by projection to achieve this technological and futuristic effect of the lighting and the mirror effect, being the interior of the boxes, an innovative solution with a structure composed of LED tubes (Astera’s tubes) and a light effect achieved through mirrors. The Europalco team of engineers involved in this project explained, “The idea was to give the screen a three-dimensionality; when the pieces of the screen were moved away, at the back, we had mirrors with LED tubes to give a depth effect.”

Europalco used seven 30K video projectors for the screen and Movecat variable speed motors to synchronise the screen movements with the video. These screen movements and transformations created excitement for the viewers as they never knew how the screen would look. To deliver a spectacular visual experience, Europalco used Christie’s Spyder X80 video processor and Christie’s Pandoras Box Servers.

Suspending the mirror boxes was the biggest challenge; their size made them the most difficult to set up. This unique challenge was overcome with time and dedication by a team used to facing difficulties.

Pedro Magalhaes, founder and CEO of Europalco, said: “We are delighted with the result of the CGD meeting. This event required good planning, which was the key to its success.” Magalhaes added, “The planning included not only the creation of the 3D project but also all the important details, from the arrangement of the furniture and the lightning to the position of the speakers on stage. We have a happy client, our most important reward.”

“Caixa fora da Caixa” has been the eighth event organised by Europalco for CGD.



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