Munich, May 2024 – Remora, a leading audio startup at the forefront of eliminating cables from professional and high-end consumer audio applications, is proud to announce the launch of their inaugural product: Remora PRO. This cutting-edge innovation, based on the acclaimed Headphone 3.0 platform from Sonical Inc, introduces a game-changing Ultra-Wideband (UWB) wireless connection, delivering an unparalleled loss-less audio experience with imperceptible latency.

Designed to cater to the millions of professional users and premium audio listeners who refuse to compromise on quality or latency, Remora PRO is set to empower audiophiles, music producers, live performers and DJs with a cable-free audio experience. The product’s groundbreaking design connects seamlessly with all existing audio sources via analogue and USB interfaces, and is adaptable to all headphone models. Moreover, the Remora PRO offers full Bluetooth support, ensuring backward compatibility with billions of existing wireless audio devices.

The Remora PRO fulfills the unmet performance needs of audio professionals and music enthusiasts that Bluetooth has been unable to support.  Mark Wade, Head of Products at Remora explains “By using CosmOS, the operating system for the ear from Sonical, running on their high performance ear computer platform, Remora PRO provides a complete solution for a personalized experience through downloadable plugins.”

Grammy award-winning mix engineer Wez Clarke expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “I love the fact that I can use the professional headphones I already own, which I’ve had for years and understand the sound profile of.” Clarke further emphasized, “This level of audio performance goes beyond regular Bluetooth wireless headphones and is truly a cable replacement.  More than that, it means I don’t have to throw away my headphones just to get access to the latest technology”

The Remora will include THX AAA, the patented THX linear amplifier technology for headphones. THX AAA on the Remora will ensure the ultimate no-compromise headphone audio experience by delivering the world’s highest fidelity audio with infinitesimally low levels of noise, distortion, and power consumption for a quality and fatigue-free listening experience.

Anticipating a high demand for this revolutionary product, Remora PRO are scheduled for shipping by the end of September with a suggested retail pricing of GBP £759 USD $949 EUR €890. Pre-orders are now open on the company’s website:

Key Features of Remora PRO:

  • Ultra Wide Band (UWB) wireless connection for an uncompressed lossless audio experience with imperceptible latency at 24bit / 96kHz
  • End to End latency of sub 5ms in UWB mode
  • Compatibility with all existing audio sources via analogue and USB interfaces.
  • User configurable through Sonical’s CosmOS with downloadable plugins for a personalised audio experience
  • Full Bluetooth support for backward compatibility with existing wireless audio devices
  • XMOS USB input and an ESS Powered DAC output
  • THX AAA certified headphone amplifier for an unparalleled headphone audio experience

Remora will be at the Sonical booth in Hall 1, C12 at HIGH END Munich 2024.


About Remora:

Remora is a pioneering audio startup dedicated to revolutionizing the professional audio industry. With a commitment to innovation, Remora aims to eliminate the constraints of cables in audio applications, providing users with unprecedented freedom and uncompromised audio quality. Learn more at


About Sonical:

Gary Spittle founded Sonical in 2020 to enable the rapidly developing Headphone 3.0 market. Sonical is building the platform for Headphone 3.0 that unlocks the secret potential of your ears using more effective wearable products.  The team at Sonical is developing their own operating system, CosmOS, along with a dedicated silicon chip specifically designed for hearables running downloadable plugins.  This will unlock the large number of app developers that have created advanced AI based algorithms.  Their mission is to empower hearables manufacturers, as well as individual users, to select which features and combinations of apps they want to include in their new hearables products in the same way one currently chooses which apps you want on your laptop, tablet or smartphone.  Sonical enables App developers to have direct access to consumers to deliver a differentiated experience, exactly what they need, when they need it.

More information about THX AAA is available at