17th June 2024, Harlow, United Kingdom – Queen Mary University London (QMUL), renowned for its commitment to excellence in teaching and research, recently concluded a significant refurbishment of its Garrod Building in Whitechapel. This historic building, integral to medicine and dentistry education and adjacent to the Royal London Hospital, has undergone a remarkable transformation to provide modern spaces for student study, socialising, and activity.

GVAV, leading specialists in audiovisual solutions, spearheaded the critical revamp of the ageing AV systems as part of this project. With a tight deadline to meet the opening for the new academic year in September 2023, GVAV worked diligently with Audiologic to deliver a solution that met QMUL’s high standards while staying within budget constraints.

The specification included high-calibre systems for teaching spaces including 11 Seminar rooms and a PC Lab as well as the Student Union Bar and Hub and the fitness suite. Utilised for both in-person and hybrid learning over Microsoft Teams and Zoom, the teaching spaces were equipped with a Q-SYS Core 610 network I/O COTS processor with a redundant Core, ensuring efficient operations across multiple rooms with multiple Q-SYS peripherals.

The lab and seminar rooms were equipped with QSC TSC G3 Touch Screen Controllers along with a variety of QSC NV-32-H Network Endpoints, NL-P4 Pendant Speakers, AD-S6T surface mount speakers, NC-110 PTZ cameras and NM table top mics. A Shure MXA710 ceiling array microphone was installed in one of the larger rooms and Sennheiser bodypack and gooseneck mics and handhelds used throughout.

Hearing for all was an important aspect of the project and phased induction loops including Williams Sound IR transmitters, receivers and headphones and Ampetronic multiloop drivers and induction loop receivers were installed to ensure accessibility for all learners.

An additional QSC 610 network processor with TSC-70-G3 HD Touch Screen Controller was installed in the Student Union Bar, controlling QSC amplifiers, Sennheiser transmitters and mics and Yamaha CZR10 passive and DZR10D active speakers and subwoofers across the bar and social hub.

In regards to the project’s challenges, Inderbir Matharoo, Account Manager at GVAV stated, “Managing multiple contractors on a project of this scale whilst navigating tight deadlines, compounded by lengthy lead times for certain equipment, presented significant hurdles. However, Audiologic’s expertise proved invaluable. They adeptly sourced necessary equipment and proposed viable alternatives promptly, ensuring seamless progress within our project’s timeline.”

Jay Ahmed, AV Design Manager at QMUL added “We’ve been incredibly impressed with the transformation of the audio system at the Garrod Building at QMUL. Having access to state-of-the-art facilities like the ones provided by GVAV, based on the Q-SYS ecosystem, has truly enhanced the learning experience of our students and guests. The AV systems have been instrumental in facilitating seamless communication and collaboration in our seminars. The addition of Williams Sound IR transmitters and receivers ensures that all students, regardless of hearing abilities, can fully participate in lectures. Overall, the refurbishment has exceeded our expectations.”

Since installation, the rooms have been utilised by a diverse range of users, from final year medical students to the Russell Group IT Directors’ Forum (RUGIT) which involved CIOs/Directors of Russell Group (which includes all of the UK’s top, world-class research-intensive universities). All have been highly impressed with the facilities on offer.

The successful refurbishment of the Garrod Building underscores QMUL’s commitment to providing exceptional learning environments, fostering collaboration, and ensuring accessibility for all learners.


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