Ground-breaking Audioscenic Amphi technology with Machine Learning-powered listener-position sensing delivers a deeply immersive, hyper-realistic 3D soundscape on the Modern AM273Q AI Series All-in-One PC

Taipei, Taiwan5th June 2024Audioscenic, the award-winning audio technology innovator, today announced that the Modern AM273Q AI Series All-in-One PC will feature an Audioscenic Amphi position-adaptive 3D sound technology demo at Computex 2024.  Amphi employs Machine Learning-powered listener-position sensing combined with pristine crosstalk cancellation to unlock a clearer, wider, deeper 3D audio experience over the speaker system.  As an iconic PC brand in gaming, eSports, and a leader in business PC machines, MSI chose Audioscenic to showcase the theatre-like sound experience on the Modern AM273Q AI Series All-in-One PC. Computex attendees can experience the demo at the MSI booth at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 1, in the Computing & System Integration section, booth M0806.

The Modern AM273Q AI Series All-in-One PC is the first MSI PC to feature Amphi position-adaptive 3D sound technology. With the built-in webcam, Amphi senses the alignment of the listener’s ears relative to the AIO screen.  This positional data drives a process called cross-talk cancellation that unlocks spatial cues within music, movies, conference calls and more to deliver exceptional 3D sound to the listener in real-time. Cross-talk cancellation uses a remarkable real-time filter process to separate left from right sound channels over speakers enabling listeners to perceive the full spatial soundscape embedded in content.

Audioscenic Amphi renders 3D sound with hyper-real, accurate sound localization, maximised depth perception, and panoramic width that extends beyond the physical speakers.  Compared to leading spatial audio formats, Amphi features a 10x wider sweet-spot and spatialises sound across the frequency spectrum at 6.3x greater consistency.  With the full Amphi Suite solution that includes a user GUI, end-users can tailor-make the sound experience based on content-type including EQ control.

“We are proud to be included at the MSI Computex booth as a featured technology”, said Marcos Simon, CTO and Co-Founder of Audioscenic. Dr. Simon is an expert in loudspeaker array and sound field control with more than a decade of research experience in the field of virtual acoustics. “This special Amphi demo shows how future MSI PCs, including their industry-leading AIOs and laptops, could deliver immersive experiences across gaming, entertainment, and business applications including Microsoft Teams conferencing.”

To experience the groundbreaking demo, Computex 2024 attendees can visit the MSI booth in the Computing & System Integration section booth M0806.  To experience the full-line of Audioscenic demos and to learn more about Amphi 3D sound, visit Audioscenic at the Courtyard Taipei on the 9th Floor in the Mountain Meeting room located at No.359, Section 7, Zhongxiao E Rd, Nangang District, Taipei City, Taiwan 11561.

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Audioscenic is an audio technology innovator based in Southampton with a growing, global customer base.  Audioscenic Amphi was recognized by the industry renowned audioXpress magazine as Best in Show at CES 2023.  Audioscenic develops intensely researched audio technologies for home audio, gaming, automotive, and public space applications that excite product makers and enchant listeners.  Learn more at